Our company focuses on bulk and sheet metal forming, machining and finishing components, or producing tools.


In our company, the technology for machining is represented by these CNC machines:

  • 1x CNC Sliding Machine up to Ø 32 with bar feeder of 3 meters length.
  • 2x universal revolver-turning lathe up to Ø 32 with bar feeder of 3 meters length.
  • 3x automatic finishing machining machine for presswork or workpieces
  • 1x half-automatic finishing machining machine for presswork or workpieces.
  • 1x 6-spindle automatic machine for mass production of bars up to Ø26 mm or wires up to Ø13 which can be used also as automatic finishing machine for presswork or workpiece.

Furthermore, we dispose of centre lathes, universal milling machines, flat and round grinding machines for centreless grinding or even for grinding between centres, and even EDM technologies.


In our production process, the technology of sheet metal forming is represented by production of components from sheet metal pieces or strips, bars, tubes and other profiles. The production is realised on eccentric, crank and hydraulic press machines, bending and plate rolling machines, etc.

Within the technology of sheet metal forming, we offer:

  • Production of components by simple procedure.
  • Production of components by sequential procedure.
  • Manufacture of precise, non-heat-affected parts.


Cold bulk forming represents progressive technology of processing wires, tubes and other profiles, which maintains the original structure of the material. In comparison with conventional or even other unconventional metal forming processes, the components made by bulk forming reach properties of higher quality. The manufacturing is done on crank and hydraulic presses and on 2, 3, 4 and 5 station partformers.

Main advantages of bulk metal forming are:

  • Reduced metal consumption – wastelessness.
  • High productivity – very short production time – up to 1 s.
  • Improving of mechanical properties of source material thanks to keeping and regulating inner structure, included the material firmness, without any extra heat treatment

Within the technology of bulk metal forming, we offer:

  • Production of precise components which often cannot be produced by any other technology
  • Production of components – rivet, screw, bolt, hollow components of tube shape, eccentric components etc.